Jakarta, March 2013

To :
Board of Commissioners
Jl. Kebon Sirih No. 71
Jakarta Pusat 10340

Re : Audit Committee Report

Dear Board Members,

During 2012, the Audit Committee engaged in the following activities in the performance of its duties and functions :

  1. Analysis and discussion about the monthly, quarterly and semi-annual financial statements and the audited financial statement with the Company management.
  2. Review of the Company financial statement, in particular concerning acceptability of the Company financial statement and compliance and adequacy of disclosure in the Company financial statement for conformity with generally accepted accounting principles in Indonesia.
  3. Review of compliance with Capital Market regulations and other relevant legal provisions.
  4. Ensuring the implementation of Good Corporate Governance in the Company.
  5. Review of implementation of the Company's internal control.
  6. Ensuring the proper operation of the Company's risk management and internal control and issuance of recommendations for these functions.
  7. Review of the work performed by the Company's external auditor.

In the findings based on activities described above, the Audit Committee did not discover any significant issues that warranted reporting for fiscal 2012. The Audit Committee is satisfied with the quality, integrity and transparency of the Company's financial statement and effectiveness of the internal control system.

This concludes the report of the Audit Committee.

PT SUCACO Tbk Audit Committee