Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company is keenly aware that it exists not for the sole pursuit of profit, but also to contribute to society and particularly neighbouring communities. In fulfilment of a commitment under its responsibility to strengthen economic development and bring sustainable improvement in the quality of the environment, in 2014 the Company incurred Rp 992,324,817 for the following activities under Corporate Social Responsibility :



The Company is keenly aware of the need to cultivate a love for nature and the environment from an early age. With this in mind, the Company since 2011 organised activities known as Wisata Pintar or Smart Tours. The purpose of Wisata Pintar is to promote knowledge about the environment, introduce human basic character and explain about global warming and its effects to children and involve children directly in seedling cultivation, making compost fertiliser and the planting and harvesting of agricultural crops. The Wisata Pintar activities organised by the Company were held in the Balaraja area.



Teacher Training

The Company is aware of the tremendous importance of good character and ethos among teachers for the development of the students under their care. Since 2011, the Company has been playing an active role in provision of teacher training. This training is called Supreme Character Training.

During 2012, the Company organised the following Supreme Character Training
activities :




To show appreciation for high-performing school students, the Company has a scholarship programme targeting children in junior high schools. During 2012, the Company provided scholarship assistance to the following high-performing school students.



To prepare for the floods that normally arrive during the rainy season, the Company undertakes regular cleaning of drains and ditches, mainly on its premises, and assigns duties for switching water pumps on and off and cleaning water pump filters.

In addition, the Company conducts regular management and monitoring of the testing of environmental pollution limits.

Since 2005, the Company has undergone continual assessment under ISO 14001:2004. In so doing, the Company is demonstrating a practical commitment to comply with environmental standards. The ISO 14001:2004 certification was most recently extended in 2011 and is valid until 2014.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety plays a vital role in supporting employee work performance at the Company. Accordingly, the Company has put in place the infrastructure for occupational health and safety and holds training sessions to improve employee awareness and knowledge in occupational health and safety.

Each year, employees undergo health check-ups provided by a private hospital appointed by the Company. The check-ups include eye checks, physical examinations, blood and urine tests and thorax X-rays. In addition to ensuring the occupational health and safety of its employees, the Company conducted these health check-ups to comply with a Ministry of Labour regulation stipulating regular health check-ups and compliance with OHSAS / HIRA standards.

In 2014, the Company was also awarded OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. This step attests to the Company's commitment in implementing an occupational health and safety management system aimed at protecting employees against occupational health and safety risks. This certification is valid until 2017.

Social and Community Development

As a part of society, the Company is continually engaged in activities with nearby communities by providing donations for improvement of social facilities, including places of worship, or social volunteering.

The Company has also been working with a number of Senior/Vocational High Schools and tertiary educational institutions in Indonesia to provide opportunities for students to take internships at the Company.

Product Responsibility

Product responsibility is applied at a practical level in order to provide quality, safety guaranteed cable products at all times. A further objective is to maintain customer confidence. The work for the Company in turning out quality cable products begins with selection of quality raw materials and application of product quality control at each stage of the production process.

The safety cycle for provision of quality cable encompasses policy, planning, application, evaluation, management review and improvement. The Company consistently implements this cycle at the corporate and project levels.

In 1994, the Company was awarded ISO 9001: 2008 certification. In 2010, the Company also received SNI (Indonesian National Standards) certification under Ministerial Regulation No. 109/M-IND/PER/10/2010, Ministerial Regulation No. 42/M-IND/PER/10/2010 and Technical Directive No.02/BIM/PER/11/2010. These actions were taken to assure the quality of the Company's production in conformity with quality specifications set by the users of the Company's cable products.